How to Sell Your House in Washington DC in a Month or Less

Do you need to sell your house in Washington DC? Finding the right market to sell an asset is the first step to making the most profit. Unfortunately, traditional buyers will attempt to use this to their advantage if you are in a hurry to sell or have a property in less than perfect condition. 

If you’d prefer to bypass all of the hassles of listing and insultingly low offers, consider a direct sale to a professional investor from MB Home Buyers. Read on to learn more about why working with MB Home Buyers is the best way to sell your house in Washington DC in a month or less.

At MB Home Buyers, we’ll lay it all out on the table, so you can make an educated decision about the best way to sell your home. First, we’ll dissect all of the costs involved with a traditional listing and how your house would fare on the market. Then, we’ll give you all the numbers used to calculate our offer, which you’ll agree is fair.  


Selling your house through a real estate agent and using the traditional MLS listing is not a speedy undertaking; it is fraught with time-consuming and expensive processes. In addition, your agent can’t advise you of your closing date because the buyer isn’t yet in sight, and you may still lose them after they’ve tied your property up for weeks. However, with a direct sale to MB Home Buyers, you’ll have a guaranteed closing date within a month or less. Now, don’t stress! If that is a little faster than you’re ready to move, just let your professional investor know the most convenient date to coincide with your moving plans. 


When you’re selling your house in Washington DC, there are a lot of expenses to consider. Preparing your home for marketing and showing, staging it, and completing any repairs are all out-of-pocket costs that you have to cover before the sale. And then, once you make a sale, you have to pay commissions, broker fees, and closing costs. All of these expenses can quickly eat into your profits.

However, when you sell your house directly to MB Home Buyers, there are no commissions or broker fees to worry about. We take care of all the closing costs, so you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.


Unfortunately, mortgage financing systems follow precise guidelines, and deals can break down. Typically, sales fall apart over problems with the information on the application, and the buyer fails to qualify for their mortgage, or the lender receives an alarming inspection report, leaving you to start the listing process again. Now, with a cash sale directly to MB Home Buyers, there are no delays for financing and no inspections or repairs to make before you sell your house in Washington DC. At MB Home Buyers, our goal is to make the process smooth and easy for sellers because we want you to feel good about the sale long after closing. 

Ready to sell your house in Washington DC in a month or less? A direct sale to MB Home Buyers will save you time and money. Why not keep your wallet in your pocket and skip all of the prepping, repairs, constant cleanings, and disruptions from showings? Why not find out for yourself why sellers like you work with the professional investors at MB Home Buyers every day. At MB Home Buyers, we take the time to stop and listen, and we’ll answer any questions or concerns you have about the process and explain each step, with no obligation. Contact MB Home Buyers today at 202-968-2750 to learn more.

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